Wicca’s Lunar Eclipse & Winter Solstice

Is this special? You bet it is… This is the first time a Lunar Eclipse has coincided with the Winter Solstice (Yule) since December 21st, 1638! There will not be another coinciding like this until 2094!
So you have the power of the Full Moon, the beginning of a new cycle, (or ending of one) together as an extremely rare occurrence! The Eclipse will begin at 11:41 pm on Monday PST, or 2:41 am EST on Tuesday morning. It is estimated to last about 31/2 hours.

Here’s my suggestion:
Because it is so rare, there is very little documented tradition to go by, in fact close to none. The power will be there, we know this. A triple aspect of alignment before your eyes on a significant evening.
Should you prepare a special Spell? ABSOLUTELY! Because of the possibilities of power like no other, I would suggest planning and preparation like no other!

Choose a Spell for new beginnings, things you you wish to come, Happy starts, Prosperity, Good Will, Good Health, Nurtured Growth, Sunny days, etc. Honor the Goddess! This is not a time to take any chances, and by all means respect her power and accept her beauty.
Plan, Prepare, Celebrate! Keep it festive!

Use new candles, fresh herbs, a clean altar, good music! Bring out your crystal ball! Dress for the occasion! You will not have the ability to celebrate this again in your lifetime! Oh, and take notes to pass on to those you love!

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