Wicca & tonight’s Supermoon

Wicca and tonight’s Supermoon…

Even without tonight being a “Supermoon”, it’s a good night for spell work.  The fact that it’s closer to earth does give a tad more power, but doesn’t  necessarily mean all results will be any better.

However, why not go out into the night sky and enjoy it! Like any full Moon in Wicca, it’s a wonderful time to create a spell. Tonight will be as special as you make it, so go for it!

Each year there are 13 new moons and 13 full moons, occasionally producing some exceptional sights.  A Supermoon happens when the moon’s elliptical orbit swings it closest to the Earth.

Supermoon is a nickname for when the moon reaches the closest point to Earth than other fullmoons. Its scientific name is a “perigee moon” and it occurs because it’s orbit is not a perfect circle around our planet.

The giant perigee full moon brings some side-effects, namely perigean tides, when lunar gravity pulls tidal waters higher than usual. However, scientists assure this is not a cause for concern, as it only raises water levels by an estimated 15 centimeters.


  1. I love chances to try new spells under a moon like tonight. very good article and my best wishes to you.

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