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Wondrous Night Ritual (Lunar Eclipse)

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Below is a spell I prepared for the rare Lunar Eclipse at the Winter Solstice that I sent out to the subscribers of my Secret Broom Closet Newsletter.  Although it will not occur again until 2094, you may wish to adjust it for any future Lunar Eclipses.

A Spell For The Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice

As a special gift for my subscribers, I have created a special ritual for the rare occurrence of the Lunar Eclipse which lands on Yule, or the Winter Solstice, 2010.  There are a lot of mixed ideas circulating around about what to do with this special evening.

There are no documented traditions or superstitions because it has not occurred since the year 1638,  and it will not happen again until 2094!
My suggestion is to create your own special traditions, and document everything you do, to pass it on to those you love.  It will be as special as you make it!

**The Eclipse will begin at 11:41 pm, PST or 2:41 am, EST and will last about 3 ½ hours.  Because it is cold in most places today,  I plan this spell for indoors, but please bundle up afterward and check out the Eclipse!

Because of the significance of the power of the Full Moon, coupled with the Lunar Eclipse, AND Yule, I have decided to honor it with a ritual of all good things in life that we wish to come!  *No Banishing allowed!

Wondrous Night Ritual 2010

You will need:

9 new White candles -(the number 9 is considered sacred because every multiple of 9 adds up to 9 again)
1 Light Blue candle (for peace)
1 Pink candle (for Love)
1 green candle (for Prosperity)

Combine & crush together:
Cedar incense
Patchouli incense
Clear Quartz Crystal
1 Lodestone
1 Rose Quartz
1 Carnelian
Tarot Cards:
Ten of Cups
Two of Cups
Nine of Pentacles
The Star

2 Coins
A small piece of paper with “2010” written in gold or silver
Soothing music

FREYJA, Goddess of love & magick,
GAIA, the mother Goddess,
ARTEMIS, Moon Goddess & protector of women (healing)
HABONDIA, for Abundance

Set up your altar in the usual way, including wine and course salt.
Lay the Tarot cards out and place the coins atop them.  Place the Lodestone over the Nine of pentacles.  Place the other gems in a small dish of water in which you sprinkle course salt.  Set the 2010 paper beside the cards.

You may play the music as you are preparing your altar, as it assists preparation. If possible, meditate for 10 minutes to reflect.

Light your charcoal disc.  Crush the 3 incenses.  *Light one white candle and cast your circle.  Invoke your deities.  Light the remaining white candles & arrange in a half moon along the back of your altar.  Light the Pink, Blue, and Green candles.

Read once with meaning-

As darkness merges over our Goddess’ Glow
we watch with wondrous eyes,
and indeed we know,

For it’s only Earth’s shadow
nudging to her side,

the darkness is love
with nothing to hide.

I summon all Goodness,
during this Lunar Eclipse,
with the power of Yule’s Solstice

while the North wind whips.

Bring a bounty of harvest
for the coming year,
blessed be full of love
my chant all can hear.

Every home shall now thrive
as Peace warms the fire in our hearts,
for prosperity’s alive

with healthy fresh starts.

This evening’s power
beats strong through my veins,
the results herein
show magickal gains!

She never leaves,
but circles red above,
around the edges like lightening,
she brings peace, prosperity, and love!

And so of course… it is!

Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon over the pink, blue and green candles.
Thank your deities for assisting. Close your circle. Ground your power.  Be certain to go outside and enjoy the red glow of the Lunar Eclipse!

Blessed be!

I wish you all a Wondrous Holiday!



To be safe,check to be certain the Moon is not “void of course!”

You will need:

1 white candle
1 black candle
Sage or a sage smudge-stick

“Death” card from a Tarot deck (the death card does not represent human death in most cases, but the death of a situation, or a change)

Frankincense & Myrrh
A bowl of water, or holy water
Course Salt
Invoke: Isis, Janus, and Hecate

Place the Tarot card face up on your altar.  Light the white candle. Light the charcoal.  Cast your circle. Invoke Deities. Place Frankincense & Myrrh on the coal. Light the black candle.  Light smudge-stick or Sage.

With a turn of the wheel
2012 has begun
And the Mayans feel
That it’s Earth’s last one

If indeed, twelve’s the last
I’ll make it my best
With this spell that I cast

As I banish this night
from all negative ties
across forests and meadows
I say my good-byes

Banish bad thoughts
Banish mean ways
Clearing the path, for happier days

Place the course Salt in the water. At every opening, door & window, flick your cleansed water toward it and say :

“Negativity rush quickly out the door
I banish it thoroughly
be in my life NO MORE!”

And so it is!

Befaana 2010

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