Free Wicca Spells

Free Wicca Spells are just that, ALWAYS FREE! You can spend a lot of money for Spells, and they won’t work any better than if you enjoy them for free!

The following spells are Free for everyone, and can be enjoyed by the beginner in Wicca and Witchcraft, although quite useful for anyone!. But please be sure to read about how to cast the proper circle, and raise power as to gain the desired result. (found in this website) Spells should always be taken seriously. If you’ve never performed a spell before, first go to “Your Spell.”

*Studying is an important part of successful Spell work, and the Spells below are no different. You will get so much more out of them if you practice and read everything you can, so that it all flows easily!

*Remember it is impossible to make another person do something against their will, however you can bring Love and other things into your life using Free Wicca Spells.

*Love spell*

Perform during a Waxing or Full Moon
You will need:
  • 1 red candle
  • 1 pink candle
  • Patchouli incense
  • Clear quartz
  • Rose quartz
  • Cinnamon

Be certain everything you need is on your altar before starting.Light the candles and the incense. Cast your Circle and raise power. Hold the rose quartz tightly in your hand. Concentrate on your desires until you feel you have raised enough power.
Invoke Aphrodite & Venus.

Repeat the following Three Times:

Glow of Night
Bright of Day
Bird of Flight
Bring Love my Way!
One may it Happen
Two make it stay

Three it is mine
Upon my Heart Lay!
And so it is!
Sprinkle the cinnamon over the flame of the Red candle. Picture what you desire appearing in your life.
Thank your deities and close the circle. Ground your power.


This Love Spell must be performed under, or during a FULL MOON!

You will need:

1 white candle

1 red candle

1 Lodestone

Crushed pink or red rose pedals or rose water


Olive oil

a needle or pin

1 oz pomegranate juice or red wine

a photograph of your love interest (optional)

For a truly successful spell, preparation is essential!

I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of meditation and relaxation ahead of time to clear ones mind.  Be certain you will not be interrupted.  Turn off all electrical devices, cell phones, TV’s, ceiling fans (if indoors), and choose an area that is best for you.

Light the white candle. Light your charcoal tablet.  Place the red candle near the white candle, but do not light yet.  Take the needle or pin and carve into the red candle the name of  the person or love interest into the wax,  Rub or anoint the red candle in olive oil.  Place the Lodestone on your tray or altar.

Place the crushed rose pedals or sprinkle rose water around the base of the red candle. Crush the patchouli incense over the hot coal.  Light the red candle.  Set cinnamon nearby.  Invoke kindly the love Goddess Aphrodite to assist.

Repeat the following 3 times:

Glow of night

Strong and clear

Wind of might

Love so dear


One, it’s close

Two, it’s near

Three, I have you

Love is here!


Heart’s desire

Hearts O’ Fire

Love for me

You’ll surely see!


So mote it be!

Sprinkle the cinnamon over the flame of the red candle.  Close your eyes and visualise your love smiling lovingly at you.  Thank the Goddess for assisting you at this time.  Close your circle.

Enjoy your love!



*To Find Something Lost*
(perform during the waxing moon)

    You will Need:
  • 1 Gold Candle
  • 1 White Candle
  • Frankincense & Myrrh
  • Lodestone
  • Carnelian


Make certain all ingredients are on your altar before starting.Light the White Candle, Cast your Circle and Raise Power. Light the Gold Candle & Incense. Place your Gems or crystals on the altar before you. Invoke Ganesha & Lakshmi.

Repeat 3 Times:

Unknown Void
Open wide
Bring my ______(what ever is missing)
To my Side
Bring it Soon
Bring it Now
And this Shall
No Longer Hide!
And so it is!

Concentrate on the item that is missing, visualize yourself finding it or appearing before you. Thank your deities and close the circle. Ground your power.

* Health & Healing*

(Perform under Waxing Moon)

    You will Need:

  • 1 White Candle
  • 1 Light Green Candle
  • Sandalwood or Lavender Incense
  • Carnelian
  • Hematite
  • Lodestone
  • 1 Bay Laurel

Make certain all ingredients are on your altar before starting.Light the White Candle. Cast your Circle and Raise power. Light the Red Candle & the Incense. Place the Gems & crystals on the altar.
Invoke Hygeia, Brighid, and Asclepius

Repeat 3 Times:

As soothing Waters
Run Across
A life with
Ever Healing Thoughts
Good Health Appear
No illness Allow
For Strength is here
Wellness is Now!
And So it is!

Picture who ever the spell is directed towards in a state of continual Healing & well being! Thank your Deities, Close the Circle. Ground your power.

Remember Free Wicca Spells for Health & Healing NEVER replace a visit to a Doctor or medications prescribed.

*Remember to take your time learning to do Free Spells the proper way! Reading a group of words in rhyme will not bring you the desired results alone.

*To Minimize Pain & discomfort*
(perform under a Waning Moon)

    You Will Need:

  • 1 White Candle
  • 1 Light Blue Candle
  • Clear quartz
  • Bloodstone
  • Carnelian or Turquoise
  • Cranberry Juice (symbolic of red wine)
  • Lavender Incense

Make certain all ingredients are on you altar before starting.Light the White Candle. Cast your circle and Raise power. Light the Blue Candle & the Incense. Pour the juice into your chalice. Place Gems & crystals on the Altar. Invoke Isis, Archelois, and Sulis.

Repeat 3 Times:

Drink of this Wine
And Pain shall Fade
I now Feel fine
Pain free Days now Made
The Words I spoke
Push Pain far Away
Up it Goes with the Smoke
For it Cannot Stay!
And So it is!

Visualize pain going up, up and away with the smoke of the incense, and Calm surrounding the person who was in discomfort. Thank your Deities, Close the Circle. Ground your power.

In the above Incantation, you can replace the word “I”with”John” or who ever the spell is directed toward.

Incantation for Charging Crystals*

For the best result & power, Charging your Gems and crystals should be done under a Full Moon ! I would never request the assistance of Crystals that had not been properly cleansed and charged!

You will need:

  • Light 2 white candles
  • Your Gems & crystals
  • A clear glass or plastic bowl
  • A mirror large enough to hold the bowl
  • Element water
  • Salt

Invoke Artemis the Moon Goddess

On the evening of the Full Moon, find a safe place outside where nothing can or will disturb your Crystals if left out all night. (you will be creating your circle here) Cleanse your Gems, rinsing them thoroughly. Fill the bowl with water and 2 pinches of salt, or use element water. Add your gems and crystals to the bowl.Take the mirror & the bowl outside to the designated area (your circle) under the Full Moonlight. Place the bowl atop the mirror, with the candles on each side. After casting your circle and raising power. Direct your Wand over the bowl of crystals Deosil, and repeat the following three times:

Dear Artemis-
Gaze upon these Gems of Fair
Bring to them now
Your Moonlights’ glare
Reflect thy power
Throughout the night
By morning they’ll be
Charged so Bright
And so it is!

Close your eyes and visualize the power gleaming down from above. Thank Artemis for assisting! Leave Crystals out all night.

In the morning when you rise, retrieve your crystals from outside. You will be amazed at how beautiful they look! Store them in a soft pouch in a safe place.
Before using your charged crystals for spell work, grasp each one in your hand and concentrate on your intent, with the power of that particular stone. (if rose quartz, concentrate on love etc)

*To Find a Job*

To be performed under a waxing Moon
This spell is best done facing East.
You will need:

1 clear quartz crystal

1 Amethyst

Sandlewood Incense

The 10 of Cups from a Tarot deck

The 8 of Pentacles from a Tarot deck

Green, white & orange candles



Mustard seed

Place all ingredients on your altar before starting.  Cast your circle and raise power.  Light the candles and incense.  Place the eight of Pentacles face up on the altar along with the mustard seed.  Invoke Isis and Laksmi.

Repeat 3 times:

At this time I wish to change

My place of work, I now arrange

The time I spend

Away from home

Good fortune mend

A new job known!

Sprinkle the cinnamon and Basil over the flames of the candles.

And so it is!

Remember to first cast the proper circle!

Remember to always perform spells in the present tense. Working in the present tense is what takes you into the future. You cannot change the past, but can re-create the present with positive intent!

*To Bring Inner Peace*
Perform this spell under a waxing moon.You will need:

1 White candle

1 Light blue candle

1 quartz crystal

1 Lodestone

Lavender Incense

Invoke Gaia to assist.

Warmth within

Spirit Alive

Soothing each limb

Senses revive

Inner peace moves through

My body with ease

And tickles my senses

Like a slow gentle breeze

Come into me once

Spirits alive

Come into me twice

Happiness thrives

Three times I’m done

Inner peace is mine!

And so it is!

Close your eyes and visualize yourself being surrounded by a warm soothing glow of light,  Also picture a stormy ocean becoming settled and smooth.  You will know when it’s complete.


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