Closing The Circle

Closing the circle is the reverse of opening the circle. Once you have finished your ritual, it is important that you thank your Gods & Goddesses that assisted you, and Ground your Power.

Some practitioners are formal about this and have cake & wine along with a toast to the deities to thank them before they leave, which is a wonderful idea!

Which ever method of thanking them you choose, you may then proceed to Close the Circle by moving widdershins passing each direction as you did the opposite, deosil upon opening the circle. (see Circle Casting)

After Closing the Circle, if you feel a little odd, you may need to Ground your power by either eating & drinking something sweet. You may choose to walk barefoot outside and place your hands on the ground.

It is at this time that you may clean the area in which you carried out the ceremony or ritual, and put away all of the implements which you employed on your altar or sacred place to perform your ritual.

Any left over ashes from your Ritual or spell should be buried outside along with any leftover water from your chalice or cake & wine, unless your spell says otherwise.  Return them to the earth unless otherwise stated by the spells’ instructions. Remember to clean your Altar.

Now you are finished Closing the Circle!

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