Circle Casting

In Wicca & Witchcraft, we use Circle Casting for many reasons. When you call upon deities (Gods & Goddesses) to assist you with a spell, you do not want interference from other deities that are not invited, or from unwelcome spirits.

It also provides a spotlight for your deities to find you more easily, as this is where you want them to assist you with your spell work, not down the street in the supermarket!

Circle Casting provides a kind of a barrier or shield of protection that surrounds your magickal area in which you are working. For example, if you are trying to conjure up prosperity, you would not call upon a fertility Goddess to assist you at that time!

Before ever beginning to cast a circle, it is important to clear ones’ mind by meditation or concentration. This is especially true for beginners. Learning to clear ones’ mind can take practice and patience.

I would suggest learning some basics about meditation using some soothing music that is meant for just that purpose before jumping into a circle with intent!

If done outside, a Circle can be drawn in the sand or dirt. When inside, there are a couple of different ways of designating a circle. You can lay down a sheet and draw a circle, or you can place gemstones in each direction to designate each – North, East, South & West.
A Circle can also be done completely in your mind!

A Circle or sacred space is separated into four quarters:

North, element Earth, East, element Air, South/element Fire, and West, element Water. Having protection from all four quarters is important So, now that you know why, this is how :

  • Look to the North and invoke(invite) the Lords/Ladies of the watchtowers of the North.
  • Move deosil, to the East, and invoke the Lords/Ladies of the watchtowers of the East.
  • Then look to the South, and invoke the Lords/Ladies of the watchtowers of the South.
  • Then look to the West, and invoke the Lords/Ladies of the watchtowers of the West. Or you can just say Oh spirits of the North etc

You will get to know when you have raised enough power to continue with your intent for the spell you are preparing to conjure.
You will learn to feel it when your circle is active and complete.

Remember that if you are feeling stressed, are having trouble relaxing, or just have too much on your mind with outside thoughts continuously rushing through your head, STOP. Try it another time!

Just use what works for you.

Always invite them kindly!

Always remember to do Circle Casting with positive intent!

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