Wiccan Rites

All Wiccan Rites and Rituals are able to be performed or shared as you wish, since it is not mandatory to belong to a coven. It may be designed by you, or something that has been found in a book or letter that has meaning to you.

There are some traditional Wiccan Rites, which are pretty common. The following is a collection of the ones you may hear the most about:



It is designed to welcome a new member into a coven or into the craft by dedication of oneself to the Goddess.  This is usually done after the craft has been studied for 1 year and a day.


A Wiccan marriage ceremony in which the right wrists of the couple to be married are bound together. This is only symbolic of their union.  Handfasting is becoming more and more common, and is used in many wedding ceremonies.



This is a ritual or ceremony to welcome a new baby into life. It is also to ensure that it will be protected by the Goddess. This ceremony in no way makes a baby a Wiccan, for Wicca is a path that is CHOSEN later by the individual!  It does however welcome the child into the Wiccan household with all the love and protection of a Wiccan family!



Sacred sexuality, or the union of lance and grail. In Old Traditional Wicca, it is a ceremony which includes the fivefold kiss. The sex is only actual when done in privacy, and symbolic when performed in a coven. Sexual Magick is the most powerful kind and can be performed by people of all sexual orientations.



A ceremony that marks a woman’s transition from mother to Crone (upon completion of Menopause). This is also her entry into the final stage of her life, or the beginning of the 3rd phase which is sometimes longer than the other phases. Only the Crone herself knows when the time is right . Each Crone enters this phase at her own special time.


PASSING, or DEATH RITES A ceremony or ritual to celebrate a Witch or Wiccans life. In Wicca it is only believed to be a passing of spirit into another form. It can also be a solemn time as her/his spirit will be missed until we meet again.
Not sure where to start with your Magickal Ceremony or Wiccan Rites? Well, start off slowly with an opening ceremony, Casting your Circle and calling quarters including all deities you wish to invite.  It would be helpful to write about it first, so that you feel more prepared.  Once you have established with all invited why you are performing this ceremony it will fall into place. With practice it will come easier each time, just remember to thank the deities attending, as well as the elements of the 4 quarters!  Then close your circle and ground your power.

Even as a Solitary you can have successful celebrations and Wiccan Rites! Once you know what it is you’re celebrating, just follow procedure in the proper order and the rest will fall in place. Everyone likes a celebration!

If there is something special happening, or about to happen in your life that is symbolic or important to you, and you feel the need to have a ceremony, have one! Create your own Wiccan Rites!



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