Wicca Beliefs

We recognize that Wicca Beliefs are not the only beliefs around.

If the scientists in our world today, had all of the answers we so desperately want to know, I would not be writing this article!  They do not have the answers to such questions as-  How was our Earth formed? How did our Universe form?, or important questions like-  What is our reason for existing?

If we indeed had all of these answers, then there would be absolutely No religion!

Think about it… Religion is a list of Beliefs put together by people. Religion is Man-made,  not created by a God or Gods and Goddesses.

Therefore, Beliefs are statements that are unproven by science! Religion is only created by people.  Beliefs exist only because we have an inner need to understand the meaning of life, and why we are here.

*BELIEFS are explanations chosen by people, to explain their CHOICE of what truth is. Therefore,  Beliefs are created to explain the things that science cannot.

Although Wiccans have similar beliefs, these are ultimately a personal choice.  We in no way find it necessary to bicker amongst ourselves as to what is wrong or right to believe.  There are NO set Rules. There is no Wrong way to practice Wicca.

The following is a brief explanation of what Wicca is about, as far as beliefs are concerned.

One thing we as Wiccans all believe, is that we are all a part of Nature, NOT masters over it. Therefore if we harm anything in Nature, we are harming ourselves.  We accept Divinity as having both female and male aspects and see them as equal.

We have complete respect for everything in Nature and see it as sacred and Magickal. We accept complete responsibility for our actions.  We do believe in Karma, in fact the “law of three” means that everything you do, good or bad, returns to you three-fold!

We do believe in reincarnation, and believe that ones’ passing is a temporary state.

We see Magick as something that is everywhere in spirit and can sometimes result into physical form. We believe this Magick to be an energy which we all possess, with some of us able to tap into it more so than others.

We believe this Magick is to be used only for positive result, and in no way to be used or directed to harm others. We would never consider using this energy as a negative influence or force, and in fact refuse to do so.

Even though we do perform Magick, we do not in any way see it as a perfect science. For this reason it is important to get much practice, in order to obtain the results you seek.

You are free to practice in a coven, or as a Solitary.  Which ever way you choose , if it works for you it is just fine as there is no cruel or judgemental entity within our belief system for you to fear at any time.  Having control over others’ actions has nothing to do with who we are or what we believe.

Since we believe we are all responsible for our own actions, we never at any time blame a God or feel the need to ask forgiveness.

Wicca is a religion of Nature.  Our lives and our beliefs rotate around the seasons, the moon phases, and all that which is a part of nature.  The craft is a religion of love , joy, and celebration.  We are without all of the gloomy ideas found in Christianity such as sin, and the belief that to be happy will come only from salvation which we feel is nonsense.

Our closeness with nature is often forgotten with the busy life around us in big cities. The witch will always see a way to find closeness , and be at one with nature where ever life takes her/him.

Please take the time to read The Wiccan Rede, The Law of Power, and The 13 Principles of Wiccan Belief, found in this website.

Wicca Beliefs belong to the individual who chooses them.

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