Ritual Tools

Ritual tools used in Wicca are not a necessity, only an enhancement. They are however a very enjoyable enhancement, Just as silverware is an enhancement to your meal when you sit down to eat! You need not spend a lot of money on supplies, but if you are looking for added enhancements, here is a list of some things you may want to consider that are used most often:

ATHAME A double edged ceremonial knife. Has many uses. For directing energies and intent during Ritual. It is never used to cut or harm anything!

BESOM or BROOMCeremonial symbol for cleansing & purification. Also used to sweep away negative entities.

BOOKS One of the most needed Ritual Tools! Filled with spells & incantations. (or book of shadows)
BOTTLESSmall glass or plastic containers with lid or cork for storing herbs etc. or mixtures of such for future use.

CANDLESalways white and other colors for various spell representation. Sticks of wax for burning and providing light, or mood. Many practitioners need nothing more than a group of candles for results!

CAULDRON- Your Cauldron can be used for holding ingredients, or used for fire or water during Rituals. Often used with charcoal to burn herbs and incense.

CRYSTALS- Symbolic, it is believed each type of crystal contains different types of energy with various influence.

CHALICEA ceremonial goblet, used for consecration and purification. Represents water. Also assists with psychic abilities & intuition. (optional) to honor the Goddess.

*Remember you can perform Spells without Ritual Tools, but you will find they are an exciting enhancement!

HERBS Herbs have been known for centuries to provide many varied affects. You can grow your own or buy them. Be sure and check with the individual spell.
INCENSEOne of the most common of all Ritual Tools! Scented herbs for burning- various scents are needed for different spells.
MATCHES Used to light candles & incense, charcoal and herbs. (never a lighter)

POTIONSUsually wine or juice, symbolic of the intent of a particular spell.

SALTPreferably sea salt, used for cleansing and consecration of many objects, rooms, rituals and intents.
WANDThe most personal of the Witches tools, it has more power when constructed and created by the Witch herself. Usually made of wood. It Can be adorned with crystals or anything decorative that is personal. Used for directing oneself or one’s intent. (An extension)

One very important part of Wiccan Ritual Tools that I would like to include here, is the personal touch of each and every practitioner! These are some of the implementations used in Wicca rituals and spell work. With time, you will find your own Ritual Tools that make it all work for you!

Which supplies you choose for your spells is a personal choice. If it feels good, use it!


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