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If you are a Wicca Beginner, please know that you cannot learn to perform Magick overnight. There is much to learn and you will not learn it all here. Magick is something that is inside all of us and you may have already experienced it before. We never try to convince anyone to become Wiccan. It must be your choice!

You will never find us knocking on your door, or trying to collect money! Our places of worship are the forests, meadows and gardens, our homes etc.  We have no Head of Wicca, or President, as we are all equal and each of us has our own way of feeling at one with the Great Goddess and/or God.

One thing I would like all Wicca Beginners to know, is that we are normal people living normal lives like everyone else. We hold jobs, we have families, drive cars, enjoy fine foods, and movies etc. We are a basic, normal, functioning part of society, just as you are.

  • You will never find us trying to convince others to join our belief system.
  • We never do anything to cause negative outcomes to others intentionally.
  • We do not believe in black magic or the devil.

No one is ever born Wiccan. We allow our children to go forth and explore all in life & to find the pathway on their own. Each and every Wiccan worships in their own way. Please take the time to read The Wiccan Rede as it is one example of our ethics.

We worship The Great Goddess which is the universe and everything in it!  Each and every Wiccan is a priest or priestess of the Goddess as well as a Witch. We worship The Goddess and God within divinity as being one or equal. We do not worship any strict or judgmental entity that is to be feared as other religions do.                                              

We as Wiccans would like to express, that our beliefs are  Green and somewhat organic!  The huge part  of our religion is to love, and respect everything in Nature! This includes our earth, animals, the surrounding planets and the universe as we know it, and everything in between, as we feel it all works in harmony, together along with our own lives.

We do not feel that Man is the Master over Nature, as in other religions, but feel we are an Equal part of it. Therefore if we harm anything in Nature, we are harming ourselves!

As far as the word Magick being spelled with a K, this is just to define the difference between the other type called Magic, which is something performed on a stage by an illusionist.

We DO perform spells & rituals, but this is only done to create positive change. Many of us enjoy using it as an enhancement and to add clarity to our existence. Meditation is a vital part of Wicca rituals, as it provides focus and clarity, not to mention relaxation and inner knowledge and peace.


It is not mandatory or necessary to perform spells to be considered Wiccan,  although most of us enjoy doing so!  Some of us are masters at creating positive change through spell work, while others perform rituals less often.  It is a personal choice.

Please visit Wicca Beliefs for more.

Scott Cunningham wrote:

“Magick is Love. All Magick should be performed out of Love. The moment anger or hatred tinges your Magick you have crossed the border into a dangerous world, one that will ultimately consume you.”

Most of the spells that I have included in this website are designed for everyone, as well as Wicca beginners, so they should be pretty easy to experiment with.

We do not condemn or criticize other religions even though we believe differently, and wish that they would in turn give us the same respect. We never try to convince people that they should come and join us. We feel that if it is meant to be, they will find the path that leads to us on their own.

Although Wicca and its teachings are harmless, not everyone views it that way because of False information that has been circulated for many, many years by other religions.

There are all too many misconceptions about what it means to be a practitioner of Wicca. Just as there are many variations in Christianity, there are also variations in Wicca and how it is practiced. All of these variations are still Nature Based and promote only goodness and Love.

There are NO Christian Wiccans or Satanic Wiccans as their names in themselves are a contradiction to Wicca and should never be associated with the existence of Wicca!

We believe that people who commit crimes and other negative acts should Themselves be held responsible, Not some created entity called Satan or the devil. We do not believe that confessing a crime to a representative of a higher power will in any way make it acceptable!

I urge you to seek out, read, study and inquire within other sources. Do not limit yourself to only what I have shared here. Read everything you can find, as we all have different ways of expressing ourselves. We all start out as a Wicca Beginner!

For more, go to:  Wicca Beliefs
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