Why I choose Wicca

I’m often asked what made me decide for certain that the Wicca way, or becoming Wiccan was for me. I actually have so many answers and reasons, that I could go on and on. There are however a few things that are foremost in the front and center of my mind.

The first one is freedom. As Wiccans’ we are free to accept, admire, celebrate, share feelings, ask questions, etc. There’s never a moment when someone says “don’t question this or that”.  What we believe is so simple, and so real & truthful that I think we spend more time trying to explain Wicca’s innocence than we spend explaining our values.

I like that I can skip a celebration because I was busy, or I had to be out of town, or maybe I was invited to a movie that I wanted to see. I also love that I can go “all out” to celebrate if I choose to. In other words, I’m not considered a “bad” Wiccan because I failed to cast a spell during the last full moon, or missed a Wiccan festival.

There are no hard set rules like that! We’re simply people, loving our world, our existence, what we have, and what we are able to create!  We also happen to care a great deal about our earth, our world, and our universe. We also care about people.

Perhaps it’s that simplicity that is so hard for others to comprehend… after all, other religions can be very strict, secretive, and manipulative regarding good and bad behavior when it comes to religious practice. They’re even particular about how men and women’s roles, and positions are designated, and behaviors dictated. Not us.

We really don’t mind if Jack is the head of the household, or if Jack & Jill share the responsibilities. We also don’t care if they’re names are Susan & Jill, or Jack & Bob. We DO however, care about goodness and doing what you will, and harming none.

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