Wicca’s easy future!

Please accept my apology for not blogging in awhile, I have been rather ill, as you may have noticed my newsletter also went out late! I try to keep it coming on time, and I really do enjoy sharing it with all of you!

Although the growth of Wicca across the world has been tremendous in recent years, especially with the power of the internet, there is still reason to go forth carefully. The future of Wicca will continue to prosper with an enormous amount of devoted followers, but remember that selfish people will always remain around us.

I’m not a scholar, and I don’t always understand it, but so many religions seem to think that we all must believe the same! Many other belief systems in our world feel hateful toward anyone who believes differently than they do. This will not change.

There are times when I feel like being secretive is of value, no matter how unfair. (remember the burning times) I know there are times when we are so happy, and feel so overjoyed with how our lives are with Wicca, we want to scream with joy from the mountain tops! You must evaluate your own situation to decide if this will benefit your future or not.

On the up-side, I will soon be adding “how to choose your Wiccan name” using your birth numbers.


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