Wicca: Befaana’s Spell Writing 101

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Hello everyone!  I hope this finds you all feeling quite well! It has been an enormous project creating the new and improved website!  I hope you find it easier to navigate through. I would like to apologize to everyone who has signed up for my newsletter.  I will be sending it out again regularly, starting in the later half of September.  I am an old Crone, and have not been well for some time. However, I am now feeling very much on the mend!

I am getting back in the circle again and it feels mighty good indeed! My spell-work is getting back to the creativity level it once was, and it’s bringing me back to life in a most exciting way!  There’s much growth ahead for this website and myself, and I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by to learn and enjoy!

Thank you for being in my Wonderland, and for enjoying my past writings of enchantment, as I am anxious to get back to it right away!

Blessed Be!
Enchantress Befana

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