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Good Day!
People often ask me where the best place is to get supplies, especially little jars or bottles, boxes etc., things to keep all my ritual herbs, special incense, seeds and other rare ingredients that are usually very small. These things usually need a safe place that is also undisturbed. Right?
Over the years I have gathered so many different types of tiny bottles, mini boxes, pouches etc., that it became quite a hobby. After awhile, my very favorites would always surface. I have this one set of miniature bottles with clear rubber lids that fit perfectly tight, although easy enough to get open when I want them to, that have always been my favorite for all things “tiny”.
I actually collected them one at a time years ago from a friend that used to work in a Dental office. She said they came with manufactured “sterile bone” inside which was used in some kind of Dental surgery as a bone replacement! Each time they used one of those bottles she would clean it out and bring it to me! (I think I have about 12 now)
The amazing thing about these little bottles is that they are only a little over 1 inch tall! Perfect! Perfect for travel, perfect for storing, perfect for taking a bit of that certain something outside to the garden for a spell etc. And they were absolutely free!


Other than that, I would search yard sales, thrift shops, and one of my favorites…The Renaissance Fair! Oh yes, if you’ve never been to one, the shopping is the best part! Some of my favorite wooden boxes are from the Ren-fair! By all means, have fun with it! I think every spells’ worth including something fun, don’t you?



Hello everyone!  I hope this finds you all feeling quite well! It has been an enormous project creating the new and improved website!  I hope you find it easier to navigate through. I would like to apologize to everyone who has signed up for my newsletter.  I will be sending it out again regularly, starting in the later half of September.  I am an old Crone, and have not been well for some time. However, I am now feeling very much on the mend!

I am getting back in the circle again and it feels mighty good indeed! My spell-work is getting back to the creativity level it once was, and it’s bringing me back to life in a most exciting way!  There’s much growth ahead for this website and myself, and I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by to learn and enjoy!

Thank you for being in my Wonderland, and for enjoying my past writings of enchantment, as I am anxious to get back to it right away!

Blessed Be!
Enchantress Befana

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