Wicca for Beginners


I have always felt that one of the most reliable places to start Wicca for Beginners, is through meditation.  Visualization is such an important part of who we are and how we are able to manifest all in life that we desire and love.  What if someone told you to close your eyes, and picture yourself with lots of money?  Money for everything you want, money in your hands, money on the floor next to you, in your bank account, in every drawer, filling your purse etc.  You would have no trouble visualizing that money hanging out of every pocket in your closet, right?

Well, money is actually a perfect example because it’s something we could all use a little more of, therefore we can picture it easily, because there has been a time in most of our lives when more of it would cure a certain problem or another.  This is easy because we have had so much practice visualizing it, wishing for it etc.  Just the thought of it can be so exciting that we block out all other thoughts in the process, giving that thought more power.

This visualization just needs a little direction.  Where will it come from?  When will it appear?  How much will be there etc.  Visualization is just the starting point.  Close your eyes.  Can you see it?  Thoughts.  Thoughts are things.  Thoughts create, inspire, begin things, and end things.  Thoughts can bring things, and thoughts can send things away.  Thoughts can also confuse things, and straighten things out.  Thoughts can help us to understand things.

If you can first learn to meditate by means of visualization, you are well on your way!  Wicca for Beginners is really that simple.  You see, the power comes from inside of you, and until you learn to unleash it, you must first learn to discover it!  Thoughts are just the beginning.  Meditation is a huge place of enlightenment where Wicca for Beginners can start!

Wicca and other Perceptions

How Wicca is perceived by other religions has always been peculiar to me.  However,  I do become tired of side-stepping the fact that Wicca is continuously ridiculed, lied about, ripped apart, and treated as if we are all just plain dumb as dirt for failing to lay down our brooms and embrace “their” religion.  Do we outwardly and continuously insult other’s beliefs?  The answer is a plain and simple… NO.

Unlike other religions, we do not feel threatened by what others believe, nor do we feel sorry for them, or fear them.  We would never feel it is important to try and “convert” someone.  We believe in the free will of all.

It is definitely annoying when they write articles about how damaging Witchcraft is to young people who “must live with the guilt of knowing they conjured up pain & suffering upon another”.  Obviously who ever writes such nonsense knows nothing about Wicca or Witchcraft!  I feel that type of behavior mirrors the behavior of politicians who mix the truth with lies, when asked about their opponents, to gain personal and manipulative power over those less educated and ignorant to the REAL facts.

Perhaps it’s an inner ear problem.  This is how other religions hear us:

A Wiccan says:                                                 ………..Others hear:

We do not believe in Christ…                               They worship Satan.
We don’t believe hell exists..                           They want to burn in hell.
We cast spells for positive result…                  They cast dangerous spells.
Satanism- created by other religions..          They worship Satan “The Devil”
We believe in Free Will for all!..                      We must try to convert them!

If others feel that “their” religion is the “only” one, then why is Wicca growing at such an enormous magnitude!  It has been predicted that by the year 2012, Wicca will be the third largest religion in the U.S!

Wicca Wonderland…

On Facebook, there is a page called “Wicca Wonderland” that has Absolutely Nothing to do with this website (Wicca-info.com) or me!  I do not at this time have a Facebook page, although I may in the future.  I just wanted to clarify this.  When I do create a facebook page,  I will share it everyone in a pleasant interactive way.

Wicca: Befaana’s Spell Writing 101

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Wicca: What You Choose to Believe

Why do people choose to believe Wicca or whatever it is they believe? Personally, I feel that the choice a person makes about belief is personal, and not something they should be judged about. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone felt the same way? I also believe that it is rude to assume that because someone else doesn’t believe the same way as I do, that they are wrong about their chosen beliefs. This, however, is just what “I” believe.

I never attempt to tell someone what they should believe, nor do I try to convince anyone to believe as I do, and feel that it is rude to assume that people are incapable of choosing for themselves. Why do so many people choose to argue over such a personal choice? I have no answers for this.

So many wars in this world are fought because of the diversity of faith and religion, and for what? Since there are no proven scientific answers about how we got here, how our earth was formed, or why there are so many types of people on so many different types of continents here, or where we go when we pass on, there will always be a variety of beliefs that people choose about it! The key word here is “choice”

Almost everyone has an opinion, and I say “so what”! We own our beliefs, and all the fighting in the world will not change this. And why on earth should anyone want to change another persons’ beliefs? Oh, I almost forgot that there is a group that thinks I’ll go to a place called “hell” if I don’t believe as they do… sounds manipulative to me… I think one must believe in hell before they can truly fear going there, right?

I choose Wicca because it surrounds, enhances, celebrates, and respects all on earth that can be seen, felt, touched, and understood by my own personal sense of reality and the goodness that it continues to blast into my life and the lives of those I love! No one tries to force me to attend anything by telling me something bad will happen if I don’t, and no one asks for my money. No one tells me which gods or goddesses to kneel before, or on which day of the week. I also believe that each baby born is spiritually perfect, not born a sinner until saved by some unseen figure to be feared.

Remember, people create religions, not gods, goddesses, dogs, cats, plants, or anything else. Just people. For me, I choose Wicca. You choose what you like.


Hello everyone!  I hope this finds you all feeling quite well! It has been an enormous project creating the new and improved website!  I hope you find it easier to navigate through. I would like to apologize to everyone who has signed up for my newsletter.  I will be sending it out again regularly, starting in the later half of September.  I am an old Crone, and have not been well for some time. However, I am now feeling very much on the mend!

I am getting back in the circle again and it feels mighty good indeed! My spell-work is getting back to the creativity level it once was, and it’s bringing me back to life in a most exciting way!  There’s much growth ahead for this website and myself, and I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by to learn and enjoy!

Thank you for being in my Wonderland, and for enjoying my past writings of enchantment, as I am anxious to get back to it right away!

Blessed Be!
Enchantress Befana

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