Wicca and Energy

Energy… Just the sound of the word and many amazing images come to mind!  The entire universe is a continuously moving, changing existence of energies, not a gathering of things that are stationery and still, which have been carefully placed.

All things affect other things in one way or another.  All in life is intertwined in some way.  It’s like saying “Every action has a reaction” and it’s true.  When we allow energy to flow naturally it’s a beautiful thing, coming and going, taking us everywhere while tickling all of our senses.

The sights are mesmerizing, the sounds create feelings of wonder, the goose bumps received are Magickal, and the scents of all the universe join into our hunger for more!   As Witches, we reach out to touch, not only those closest to us, but we invite the entire universe to touch us as well, showing us ways to energize with a passion that is infinite in itself.

Being a Witch, and enjoying the ability to summons this energy can create change that can be both wondrous and fearful.  Proper use of Wicca and energy is not understated as is the balance of the constant increases and decreases in that energy, flow as a river of powerful Magick.

Such a precious commodity this energy, that too much can be draining to our psyche.  This is why it is so important to “ground” your energy before and after performing spell work.  Remember the power of energy flows through us.  It does not come out of us.  We connect with various energies on various planes and levels which are all interconnected to each other.

You can avoid being depleted by excess energy in many ways.  You can go outside and make contact with the elements, nature etc., which can sufficiently restore vitality.  For good grounding you can dance and chant, creating a rhythm that shakes the excess loose.  You can also place both hands flat on the bare ground pressing all excess energy into the ground, while visualizing it leaving your body.

Love the energy.  It keeps us healthy and stimulates the Wicca in us!

Wicca and other Perceptions

How Wicca is perceived by other religions has always been peculiar to me.  However,  I do become tired of side-stepping the fact that Wicca is continuously ridiculed, lied about, ripped apart, and treated as if we are all just plain dumb as dirt for failing to lay down our brooms and embrace “their” religion.  Do we outwardly and continuously insult other’s beliefs?  The answer is a plain and simple… NO.

Unlike other religions, we do not feel threatened by what others believe, nor do we feel sorry for them, or fear them.  We would never feel it is important to try and “convert” someone.  We believe in the free will of all.

It is definitely annoying when they write articles about how damaging Witchcraft is to young people who “must live with the guilt of knowing they conjured up pain & suffering upon another”.  Obviously who ever writes such nonsense knows nothing about Wicca or Witchcraft!  I feel that type of behavior mirrors the behavior of politicians who mix the truth with lies, when asked about their opponents, to gain personal and manipulative power over those less educated and ignorant to the REAL facts.

Perhaps it’s an inner ear problem.  This is how other religions hear us:

A Wiccan says:                                                 ………..Others hear:

We do not believe in Christ…                               They worship Satan.
We don’t believe hell exists..                           They want to burn in hell.
We cast spells for positive result…                  They cast dangerous spells.
Satanism- created by other religions..          They worship Satan “The Devil”
We believe in Free Will for all!..                      We must try to convert them!

If others feel that “their” religion is the “only” one, then why is Wicca growing at such an enormous magnitude!  It has been predicted that by the year 2012, Wicca will be the third largest religion in the U.S!

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