Wicca and Love Spells

With Valentine’s day heading into our lives, Love Spells are flying through the air!  The 7 Love Spells that I included in the newsletter hopefully gave flight to some of your most imaginative ways indeed!  Remember, it’s all about your ENERGY!  If you put little into it, you’ll get little out of it!

So plan ahead!  Each and every step and moment you spend preparing, will pay off  BIG!  Pay attention to detail and you’ll have a most wonderful,  romantic, and magickal evening!

Use my spells like templates to create and make them your own, or use them as is, which ever works and feels best for you!  After the big day, I will be sharing them on my website for all to enjoy!  I’m anxious to hear how the Love Potion/Elixir enhances your Day!

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