Wicca Symbols

There are many symbols that have been used over time to depict various meanings in Wicca.  I have chosen to display only the most popular ones at this time, and may add more at a later date.



Hecate’s Wheel




The feminine deity of Wicca or the Mother Goddess symbol of the Lady.





This symbol is used to represent the wheel of the year used to mark sabbats, ( holidays) in the Wicca ritual calendar.



The Pentacle below is but the most popular or well known symbol of all, as it represents all of the  elements.  Each point represents: air, fire, water, earth and spirit.




Below is the Triple Goddess Symbol.  It represents all three aspects of the Moon-  waxing, Full, and waning, as well as the feminine polarity of the universe.  It also represents the 3 stages of womankind- Maiden, Mother, and Crone.



Below is another way of configuring the same as above.  It is called the Triple crescent.




You can find more Wicca symbols available in many books and resources.


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