Gods And Goddesses

These wonders of Mythology are friends that you really do not want to be without!

Gods & Goddesses are used as representations of feelings, emotions and desires, combined with Magickal knowledge when used in Wicca Spell work.

I strongly advise that if you are sincerely interested in understanding Gods & Goddesses, that you learn and study about Mythology! It will help you greatly in your spell work. It is important that you develop a relationship with them.

Below is a list of some of my favorite deities. I enjoy and use deities from several different cultures. You will find that you are comfortable with some more so than others. Try to get to know them all, as they have much to offer!

ADITI-- Hindu Goddess of the sky. Mother of the Gods, Consciousness, past and future.

ANUBIS– Egyptian God- Guardian of the dead & embalming. Keeper of Medicine and poisons. He is good for protecting your home!

APHRODITE– Greek Goddess of Love and sexuality. Always include her in Love spells.

APOLLO-- Twin brother of Artemis. God of Light and Sun. Also known for Truth and prophecy, Medicine and healing. Good for purification.

ARADIA-- Daughter of Diana, Moon Goddess. Came back to earth to teach Witchcraft.

ADRASTE–A Goddess of Destiny & future.

ARTEMIS– Twin sister to Apollo. Greek Goddess of the Moon and protector of Women. Was called the Virgin Huntress. She did not consort with or bow to the rule of men. Invoke for healing. Also good for domestic violence.

ARTRAEA– Goddess of justice.  Use with Maat.

ASTARTE– This Goddess was recognized in many cultures. She represents fertility, sexuality and war.

ATHENA– Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Reason, and crafts. Invoke her for creativity.

BASTET– Egyptian Goddess still admired by many. She is daughter of the sun God Ra. Lady of pleasure and protection. Her name means Devouring Lady. She is depicted as having the body of a woman and the head of a cat. Enjoy her many uses.

BRIGHID-- Often called Lady of the Hearth Goddess of healers and inspiration. Protector of children. Her name means exalted one.

CARMENTA– Roman Goddess of childbirth and prophecy. Revealer of Wisdom.

CERES-- A Roman Goddess of the Harvest.

CERRIDWEN– Known for Wisdom, keeper of the cauldron. Her magic cauldron contained a potion that granted knowledge. She represents the crone, with powers and prophecy.

CRONUS-- God of Time.

DEMETER– Greek Goddess of Grain and Fertility. An Earth Goddess.

DIANA– Roman Goddess of the hunt. Later became a Moon Goddess. She is a seductress, as well as a Mother figure.  Also represents animals and forests.

DITI– Goddess that makes wishes come true.

FLORA- Goddess of birth and spring, and beautiful flowers.

FONTUS– Roman Deity of Fountains and Springs.

FORTUNA– A prosperity Goddess, referred to as The Lady of Luck. She promises riches and abundance.

FREYA– A Goddess of the Moon

GAIA– The Mother Goddess, she personifies the Earth for she is the one who scatters the seeds to grow the flowers. She is the Great Goddess. Invoke for healing and well being.

GANESHA– Invoke her for prosperity, before starting a new business along with Janus who is a Goddess of new beginnings.

GERDA-- Goddess of Light.

HABONDIA– Goddess of Abundance. Invoke her for prosperity spells and rituals of increase.

HATHOR– Goddess of Beauty, Love and Music. Protects pregnant women. She also danced to cheer up Ra.

HECATE– Moon Goddess of the Underworld. Represents the triple Goddess- Maiden, Mother and Crone. Also Goddess of the Crossroads.

HERA-- Goddess of women, childbirth, and especially marriage.

HESTIA-- A Greek Goddess of home and hearth.  Use her if building a new house or remodeling.  She will bring safety to the home & family unit.

HORUS–Egyptian God with the head of a Falcon & body of a man. The all seeing eye, & for healing.

HYMEN– Greek God of marriage and commitment.

INANNA– Good for Rain spells. Goddess of Fertility, Sexual Love and War.

ISIS-- Egyptians considered her a Great Mother Goddess. She was known as a good Enchantress and taught the secrets of medicine with Thot. She can be used with most Magick.

JANUS– A Goddess with 2 faces. Goddess of Gateways, Doorways, Openings and entrances. She holds the symbol of the key, which associates her with the underworld. Good for New beginnings.

KALI-- This powerful Goddess protects women in danger, such as abused women or women in any type of physical danger.

LAKSMI– Goddess of the ability to Achieve things including prosperity. Invoke for prosperity spells and Money.

MAAT– Goddess of Truth and balance. Invoke her for justice and problems within the court system.

MIMIS– Goddess of fresh water and wisdom.

MORGAN– This Celtic Goddess of water & Magick learned her Magick from Merlin, to whom she was married.

NEPTUNE– Ruler of the Ocean. Also associated with earthquakes.

NUIT-- This Egyptian Goddess was the sky mother, watching over all above.

OSIRIS– Egyptian God of Life, death & fertility. Provider of fertility and prosperity. Often called King of the Dead, protector of the afterlife.

POSEIDON– God of the Sea, Horses and earthquakes.

SESHAT– Egyptian Goddess of Writing, math and measurements, associated with the moon.

SEKHMET-- An Egyptian Sun Goddess. Ruler of War. She had a fierce temper.

SELENE– This Greek Goddess is the one to call upon to find solutions.  Also a Moon Goddess.

SKADIA– A mountain Goddess.

THOTH-- Egyptian God of Knowledge, writing and reincarnation. The Egyptians believed he gave them the gift of hieroglyphic writing.

URAEUS– Goddess of the solar eye.

UTO-- A snake Goddess of fertility and regeneration.

VESTA–A Roman Goddess of fire.

ZEUS– A Greek God of the sky and thunder. Also known as King of the Gods. Very powerful.

If none of the above Gods & Goddesses suit your needs, please search further as there is much wonderful history to be enjoyed!

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