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Your Very Own Moon!
Moon Phases are very important for use in Wicca. After some time you will memorize all you need to know to understand the Phases of the Moon!

It takes the Moon approximately one month to go through all of its phases, from one New Moon to the next. After the New Moon, also called the Dark Moon, it continues eastward and we slowly see more of it, or the side of it that is lit by the sun. This is called waxing, as it appears to be growing larger.

The Moon itself does not change, but appears to do so by the way the sun shines light upon it as it rotates.

When the Moon Phase reaches what we call “Full Moon”, we are exactly half way through our Lunar month. After it reaches the halfway point, the Moon begins to grow smaller. This is what we refer to as “Waning” as it appears to get smaller each night.

In science, we all know that the sun and the Moon have a gravitational force which effect the high & low tides of the ocean. Our bodies are comprised of mostly water, so why wouldn’t it have an effect on us as well? During a Full Moon or New Moon phase, the Moon and the Sun are lined up, which pulls on the earth’s surface. This causes high tides.


NEW MOON-There is no Moon in sight! This is the beginning of the lunar cycle and also a time for spells which start new business, new projects, any kind of new beginnings or fresh starts ! I prefer to do New Moon spells at sunrise!

New Moon

Waxing Crescent

First Quarter

Waxing Gibbous

Full Moon

Waning Gibbous
Last Quarter

Waning Crescent






WAXING MOON- It is said to be waxing when you first see the slightest sliver in the sky. It is slowly growing larger. This is the best time to do spells of increase, more money, more love, more of whatever you seek. Spells for good health, better friendships, more job offers etc.

FULL MOON-This is the best Moon phase to perform ANY kind of spell and is the most powerful Moon phase. I always have a special evening planned with a nice candle-light dinner and a special spell I have planned well in advance!


WANING MOON-This is a time of decrease as the moon grows smaller. A great time for banishing spells or spells that make things get smaller, or go away. A time for banishing illness or disease. This is a good time to clean out cupboards, clean behind furniture, or get rid of old useless things we all have hanging around. A good time to banish any kind of negativity.

It is a good idea to become familiar with what phase of the moon we are in from day to day as you will find that it affects our daily lives in more ways than you think!
Always use and enjoy all of the changing Moon Phases!

What are the different types of Tides?


When the sun and moon are aligned, there are exceptionally strong gravitational forces, causing very high and very low tides which are called spring tides, though they have nothing to do with the season. When the sun and moon are not aligned, the gravitational forces cancel each other out, and the tides are not as dramatically high and low. These are called neap tides.

As the Earth and moon orbit the sun together, the moon goes through several phases. explains the 8 major named phases of the moon.
Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

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