Meanings and Terms

These Wicca Meanings & Terms are presented for use, for how they pertain only to Wicca and Witchcraft.

Gods and Goddesses are listed separately.

The following is a list of Wicca Meanings & Terms. I will be adding more information to this list as soon as possible.

ALTAR-A place where you perform Magick rituals, spells, and all your magickal workings! This is where you make it happen.

AMULET-An object that deflects negative energy (good luck charm)

ANIMISM-The belief that all living things in Nature including plants and animals are alive & conscious.

AURA-The field that surrounds all living creatures and can often be seen in various colors.

BANISHING- A ritual to make something go away, or stop.

BELIEF- An explanation of facts chosen by an individual, when there is no scientific explanation

BELTANE-A Wiccan holiday & Festival celebrated in April.

BOOK of SHADOWS–A book in which you record all happenings and spells, ingredients, secrets, plans, etc. It is a good idea to record previously performed spells here, so you know which ones work best for you! This is YOUR special place, Not to be shared with other eyes.

CAULDRON- A 3 legged cast iron pot used for burning or mixing herbs.

CHALICE- a goblet for drinking out of, used in rituals.

CANDLE MAGICK- The use of various colored candles in spells and rituals. Each candle color has its own meaning.

CHARGE-To infuse divine energy into an object.

CLEANSE-To remove negative energy form something.

CONSECRATION- A ceremony to cleanse or purify something sacred.

COVEN-A group of Witches or Wiccans, at least 3, no more than 13 .

CRONING-A ceremony celebrating the transition from Maiden to Crone, the final phase of a woman’s life.

DEITIES- Gods & Goddesses

DEOSIL- Clockwise

DIVINATION-Witchcraft in its finest form by use of the divine, spirit world, psychic ability, or scrying, to obtain information.

DRAWING DOWN the MOON-Calling upon the Goddess during the Full Moon, to bring energy to a female witch.

ELDER- A respected Witch who has reached a high position in a coven.

ELEMENTALS-Creatures associated with the Elements.

ENCHANTRESS-One who practices Witchcraft.

ESBAT- A Wiccan ritual usually performed within a coven.

FAMILIAR- An animal that is associated with and has a connection or bond to a Witch.

HANDFASTING- A wedding in which the right wrists of the bride & groom are bound together.

GRIMIORE-A book of hand written spells and Magick, also referred to as a Book of Shadows

IMBOLC- A festival to celebrate the arrival of spring.

INCANTATION- A rhyme with Intent

INVOKE- To call upon a higher power

LUGHNASADH- A celebration of harvesting.

MABON- A festival of the last harvest before winter.

MAGIC- A show performed on a stage by an illusionist

MAGICK- A ceremony with Intent. Amazing things, happenings, sights, feelings, and occurrences which happen naturally in nature as well as can be brought into being through the assistance of Gods & Goddesses. Wicca Magick is used only for good or positive result.!

MEANINGS and TERMS- An explanation of words and their meaning as used in Wicca and Wiccan ways as well in these writings.

OSTARA- A celebration in March signifying the beginning of spring.

PENTACLE- A five point star inside a circle representing the elements earth, air, fire & water. Pentacles can be used for protection & to call upon deities.

PENTAGRAM- A pentacle that is written or drawn.

POPPET- A human-like figure usually used for spells, made of cloth or any convenient material to represent a person.
QUARTERS- The four corners of a ceremonial circle-North, East, South, and West.

RITUAL- A ceremony, in Wicca when performed by a Witch, to create change.

SABBAT- A Wiccan celebration or festival.

SAMHAIN- A celebration on October 31-Halloween

SCRYING- To gaze upon a mirror or crystal ball for the purpose of divination.

SKYCLAD- A word meaning ceremonial Nudity. Can be found in Gerald Gardner’s works, including initiation rituals.

SOLITARY- When used in Wicca, a Witch who practices alone, or without a group, which is totally acceptable.

SMUDGING- The act of waving a burning bundle of herbs or incense through the air to cleanse or purify a room or area. Also for eliminating negativity.

TALISMAN- An object that has been given energy in a ritual to bring forth a certain energy.

WAND- Has several uses and meanings. One of the most powerful and personal tools of a Witch. An extension of oneself, used to channel energy, cast circles, direct a ritual or magick occurrence with intent. Can be used to manifest many things.

WIDDERSHINS- moving Counterclockwise

WOLFS BANE- A toxic herb (Aconite) used for purification.

We will continue to add to this list. Enjoy your Wicca Meanings & Terms.

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