Wicca & tonight’s Supermoon

Wicca and tonight’s Supermoon…

Even without tonight being a “Supermoon”, it’s a good night for spell work.  The fact that it’s closer to earth does give a tad more power, but doesn’t  necessarily mean all results will be any better.

However, why not go out into the night sky and enjoy it! Like any full Moon in Wicca, it’s a wonderful time to create a spell. Tonight will be as special as you make it, so go for it!

Each year there are 13 new moons and 13 full moons, occasionally producing some exceptional sights.  A Supermoon happens when the moon’s elliptical orbit swings it closest to the Earth.

Supermoon is a nickname for when the moon reaches the closest point to Earth than other fullmoons. Its scientific name is a “perigee moon” and it occurs because it’s orbit is not a perfect circle around our planet.

The giant perigee full moon brings some side-effects, namely perigean tides, when lunar gravity pulls tidal waters higher than usual. However, scientists assure this is not a cause for concern, as it only raises water levels by an estimated 15 centimeters.

Pagan coming out day

Yes, today is Pagan coming out day.  Although I know it’s not for everyone, there’s a wonderful story about a very brave woman who chose to come out at a time when she had so much to lose.  You can find her story here:


Whether you choose to come out or not, it is a very personal decision.

Benefits of Coming Out
• Eliminating the worry of what will happen if your ‘secret’ is discovered.
• Ability to live your life honestly.
• Developing closer, more genuine relationships with friends and family.
• Being part of a community with others with whom you have something in common.
• Helping to dispel myths and stereotypes by speaking about your own experience and educating others.
• Being a role model for others.

Risks of Coming Out
• Not everyone will be understanding or accepting.
• Some relationships may be permanently changed.
• In extreme cases, coming out may cause economic hardship or could have a negative impact on child custody cases.

May 20th’s Solar Eclipse, Magick, New Moon & Wicca come together!

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun,  totally or partially obscuring the sight of the Sun for viewing from Earth.  An “annular” solar eclipse occurs when the Moon appears smaller than the Sun, causing the Sun to look like an annulus (ring), blocking most of the Sun’s light. An annular eclipse appears as a partial eclipse over a region thousands of kilometers wide.

If you live in an area that enables you to actually see this occurrence, you are very lucky indeed!  I would plan something exceedingly special, here’s why…

I believe the advantage of being able to see the New Moon during the Eclipse is a very powerful force. Even without the eclipse, the evening of the New Moon is a powerful time. Thus, combined with the Sun, creating the ability to see it at a time that is rare to most of the world, you have a combined power of both the Sun and Moon, creating a strength like no other to enjoy, and manifest whatever you wish into your life as a new beginning!

For now is the time to get creative with that you wish to change in your life. It makes no difference whether you want to lose weight, move to a new place, change lovers, change your hair color, your clothes, your disposition in life, or your career, now is the best time!

But please, read ahead and plan carefully and intelligently…

VERY IMPORTANT:  The Moon will be “void of course” until 4:06 Pacific time.  After that you can begin a new cycle of positive energy, in a network of wonder.  And with proper planning this can be the best Magickal day this year!

*The Solar Eclipse will end at 7:49 pm Pacific time.  I would plan all Magickal work between 4:30pm and 7:30 pm to be safe!

Commitments made now are intense.  Any kind of rebirth is wonderful. Seek out what it is you desire, for now is the time to GO FOR IT! Give up the old, and ring in the new! This is the best day this year to bring positive change into your life!

Playfulness abounds. Laughter and song will blossom if you let them. New beginnings can be miraculous, just plan for it!

*Do no Magick after 10:15 pm Pacific time. Emotional mirages and miscommunications can hamper your intentions.  Relax, think gentle thoughts. Get some rest.  I suggest this because of the planetary positioning on this evening.

Why I choose Wicca

I’m often asked what made me decide for certain that the Wicca way, or becoming Wiccan was for me. I actually have so many answers and reasons, that I could go on and on. There are however a few things that are foremost in the front and center of my mind.

The first one is freedom. As Wiccans’ we are free to accept, admire, celebrate, share feelings, ask questions, etc. There’s never a moment when someone says “don’t question this or that”.  What we believe is so simple, and so real & truthful that I think we spend more time trying to explain Wicca’s innocence than we spend explaining our values.

I like that I can skip a celebration because I was busy, or I had to be out of town, or maybe I was invited to a movie that I wanted to see. I also love that I can go “all out” to celebrate if I choose to. In other words, I’m not considered a “bad” Wiccan because I failed to cast a spell during the last full moon, or missed a Wiccan festival.

There are no hard set rules like that! We’re simply people, loving our world, our existence, what we have, and what we are able to create!  We also happen to care a great deal about our earth, our world, and our universe. We also care about people.

Perhaps it’s that simplicity that is so hard for others to comprehend… after all, other religions can be very strict, secretive, and manipulative regarding good and bad behavior when it comes to religious practice. They’re even particular about how men and women’s roles, and positions are designated, and behaviors dictated. Not us.

We really don’t mind if Jack is the head of the household, or if Jack & Jill share the responsibilities. We also don’t care if they’re names are Susan & Jill, or Jack & Bob. We DO however, care about goodness and doing what you will, and harming none.

Wicca and Energy

Energy… Just the sound of the word and many amazing images come to mind!  The entire universe is a continuously moving, changing existence of energies, not a gathering of things that are stationery and still, which have been carefully placed.

All things affect other things in one way or another.  All in life is intertwined in some way.  It’s like saying “Every action has a reaction” and it’s true.  When we allow energy to flow naturally it’s a beautiful thing, coming and going, taking us everywhere while tickling all of our senses.

The sights are mesmerizing, the sounds create feelings of wonder, the goose bumps received are Magickal, and the scents of all the universe join into our hunger for more!   As Witches, we reach out to touch, not only those closest to us, but we invite the entire universe to touch us as well, showing us ways to energize with a passion that is infinite in itself.

Being a Witch, and enjoying the ability to summons this energy can create change that can be both wondrous and fearful.  Proper use of Wicca and energy is not understated as is the balance of the constant increases and decreases in that energy, flow as a river of powerful Magick.

Such a precious commodity this energy, that too much can be draining to our psyche.  This is why it is so important to “ground” your energy before and after performing spell work.  Remember the power of energy flows through us.  It does not come out of us.  We connect with various energies on various planes and levels which are all interconnected to each other.

You can avoid being depleted by excess energy in many ways.  You can go outside and make contact with the elements, nature etc., which can sufficiently restore vitality.  For good grounding you can dance and chant, creating a rhythm that shakes the excess loose.  You can also place both hands flat on the bare ground pressing all excess energy into the ground, while visualizing it leaving your body.

Love the energy.  It keeps us healthy and stimulates the Wicca in us!

Solitary Wiccan Practice

Solitary Witches become more commonplace as the beauty of witchcraft is enjoyed for everyday practice, and people everywhere learn of the innocence and goodness that surrounds it!  Since there are no hard-fast rules, Wiccans everywhere are free to read and pull whatever information they choose to enjoy from within the craft, without ridicule, providing it is all done with good intent.

Solitary Wiccan practice also allows the practitioner to enjoy their beliefs at whatever time or place is convenient for them, as we all have different schedules and preferences with family life and work.

Some Wiccans are better working with harvests and festivals, while others are very good at ritual ceremonies.  Others yet, are seasoned well in spell work, while some are not.  Most witches share in common their love of our earth and enjoy the outdoors when weather permits.  Others spend hours on end near their hearth cooking and creating special recipes using herbs and spices.  Many of us do a little of everything.

You can be a good Witch and never cast a single spell. None of us will judge your devotion or performance!  Because of all the nonsense about Witchcraft that other religions create about us, solitary practice is growing at a rapid pace.  No one likes to be stared at with disapproval when disclosing our religious preferences.  Unfortunately many religions believe that they should be the only one, and I don’t see that changing in it’s entirety anytime soon.  Click here to learn more about Wiccan beliefs.

Magickal Summer Star-gazing!

July’s newsletter will provide all you need for a Magickal star-gazing celebration!  I’ve included many recipes, a spell and a continuation of the story everyone has been enjoying!  Thank you for the many compliments about the newsletter.  Please continue to let me know if there is something you would like me to feature in it!


A Travel Spell Box!

A Travel Spell Box!

This morning I was trying to figure out what to share with my readers in the up-coming newsletter other than the usual Spell, recipes, story, goodies for sale etc. I’m going to show everyone how to create a travel spell box! I always pack a little something when I go out of town, depending on how long I will be gone. You just never know where your travel might take you!

Sometimes when I’m least expecting it, I’ll see a beautiful forest, park or oasis, beach, etc., that makes me glad I came equipped! You really needn’t pack you’re entire altar.

Even those who have a spell saved for every little thing, find it’s nice to have a little something extra to wake up the senses! I still, after all these years find new bits & pieces of information that are new and exciting. And there are still new ways found by young witches that are very smart and Magical as well!

Beltane & Pagan-Coming-Out Day

I would like to wish everyone an oh so bright Beltane!  Celebrate as you will in a way that brings spring happiness for you and those close to you!  Tomorrow is Pagan-Coming-Out-Day, and for those of you who are able, I wish you all the best and hope that you have considered your decision carefully.  Coming out does not make you a better Wiccan, or anything better than what you already are, or what you will have or be in your future.  It is a personal decision, so if it works in your life, so be it. If not, that’s just fine too!

Thank you for all the responses, as I always enjoy your feed-back!  My next newsletter will return to spell writing and how I do it.  But remember, you may create your spells any way you like, as what works for me may not work for you!


Wicca: After years of Witchcraft!

I began studying Witchcraft in the late 60’s, before the word “Wicca” ever arrived in my local bookstore. There was no internet to find instant information. You see, I’ve been in “the craft” for more than 40 years now. Yes, I’m an old Crone and feel I’m entitled to my opinions and have a lifetime of experience to back it up. Do I think I’m always right? Of course not! One thing is for certain. Things always change. Things like the way people communicate, the way others perceive Witchcraft, how we practice it, and why we do the things we do, etc.

It never ceases to amaze me how someone in the craft that is new (especially those in it between 4 to 7 years perceive themselves as an expert in Witchcraft, ready to correct a fellow Wiccan for the small things that make us all different. Like any religion, we are still individuals with preferences and favorite things about our beliefs that we like to hold on to, as well as a varied combination of life experiences. This is all good.

You can always tell a well seasoned Witch by the way she or he is accepting of the ways of others. You see, Wicca is all about love and acceptance in all things on earth, including the opinions of others. Just because we disagree doesn’t mean that it’s important to jump in, criticize, correct, push aside, or ridicule. I have always found that the best path in such cases is to stand back, and say to myself: “ Very well, they’re on a learning path”. In fact I personally feel that we all continue to learn until the day we pass, and some of us are just a little further down the path than others. There will always be another who feels their opinion is more important than yours.

Oh… and this a good thing!

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