Misconceptions are unfortunately everywhere, due to mis-communications, as well as intentional blunders.

Now that you are here, there are many misconceptions I would like to clear up. I hope to teach you a thing or two or three about Wicca that you’ve been wondering about!

The first of many misconceptions I would like to clear up is that we DO NOT EVER under any circumstances believe in, or worship anything that resembles, or is called the “Devil” or Satan.  Secondly, we NEVER under any circumstances perform any kind of animal sacrifices. On the contrary, we love and worship animals of all kinds!  The same goes for people!

Animism is an important part of Wicca belief, and we stand firmly behind this part of our existence!  See: Animism and Wicca

Although we do perform what we call Magick, we DO NOT under any circumstances perform rituals where any kind of harm, cruelty, punishment, or pain of any kind is conjured up.

Black magic is NOT anything we do, and has NOTHING to do with Wicca, For it does not exist in our world!

We also Never-under-any-circumstances cast negative spells that give a negative outcome.  We do not change people or animals into anything of the kind, as that is a fairy tale story!

Never have we, or will we cast a spell to make someone else do anything evil or negative either.  In fact we do not cast spells towards others without their express permission or request.  You will find that there really is nothing negative about anything we do.

Unfortunately there will always be misconceptions created by others who do not understand us, or fear us.  Sometimes other religions say things that are false simply because they wish to draw people into their own belief system.

In my home, I have a vast library of books about Wicca, Witchcraft, and Magick, and nowhere will you find anything negative that suggests any kind of satanism, torture, or blood-involving ceremonies like you might find on TV!

Magick is Love!

I sincerely hope this clears up some misconceptions you may have heard.

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