Solitary Wiccan Practice

Solitary Witches become more commonplace as the beauty of witchcraft is enjoyed for everyday practice, and people everywhere learn of the innocence and goodness that surrounds it!  Since there are no hard-fast rules, Wiccans everywhere are free to read and pull whatever information they choose to enjoy from within the craft, without ridicule, providing it is all done with good intent.

Solitary Wiccan practice also allows the practitioner to enjoy their beliefs at whatever time or place is convenient for them, as we all have different schedules and preferences with family life and work.

Some Wiccans are better working with harvests and festivals, while others are very good at ritual ceremonies.  Others yet, are seasoned well in spell work, while some are not.  Most witches share in common their love of our earth and enjoy the outdoors when weather permits.  Others spend hours on end near their hearth cooking and creating special recipes using herbs and spices.  Many of us do a little of everything.

You can be a good Witch and never cast a single spell. None of us will judge your devotion or performance!  Because of all the nonsense about Witchcraft that other religions create about us, solitary practice is growing at a rapid pace.  No one likes to be stared at with disapproval when disclosing our religious preferences.  Unfortunately many religions believe that they should be the only one, and I don’t see that changing in it’s entirety anytime soon.  Click here to learn more about Wiccan beliefs.

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